DIETS!! January is the month of information over load when it comes to diets! Some say eat carbs, some say don’t, some say eat fats some say don’t, some say count points some say don’t, some say count sins some say don’t, some say “if it fits your macros” and most people say “what the hell does that mean?” With all this conflicting information where do we start? I think the most important thing to remember is that all diets are calorie controlled and depending on which diet you’re on will dictate where you get those calories from. Although counting calories is slightly out dated there is no getting away with the scientific fact that in order to lose weight we need to be in a calorie defici

New Year’s resolution

Text here..... New Year’s resolutions! Have you made yours? Or is it all pants? After too much food and drink over the Christmas period we enter January feeling flabby, unfit and full of fear! The 3 F’s send us into meltdown and we swear blind that we will do whatever it takes to make ourselves feel better! This is when our new year’s resolutions are born. Making resolutions at a time when we feel so fragile is probably not the best idea, as we tend to go into over drive and make unrealistic promises to ourselves which will inevitably end in failure making us feel even worse! Here are a few tips to help you with “new year, new me” If getting fit is on the agenda, then plan out your week an

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