Richie Carrick

I have always been interested in fitness. I took up kick boxing as a teenager and it became my life. I loved it, I loved how it made me feel and the excitement of a fight is what kept me hooked. I won many titles. How I felt both mentally and physically was unreal so I decided that I wanted to make others feel like I did.


I started out in Total Fitness, but when it closed its doors I knew it was a huge opportunity for me to peruse my dreams of working for myself. I started to run boxing classes in Ayrfield community centre which was a huge success. From there I started to run TRX classes and the business started to grow.


As a result I set up Body Transformations Studio. I started to give my clients 6 week Transformations which turned into a huge phenomenon. Making people feel good, look good and pushing them in a way they never thought possible is the reason why I am a personal trainer.


In September 2012 I set up my own studio which has gone from strength to strength. I know own the biggest fitness studio on the Northside of Dublin, its a dream come through

Managing Director
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