Fiona Mernagh

I am qualified to assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries, design rehabilitation programmes and do sports/deep tissue massage by the Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science. I'm also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA and spent the summer of 2017 working in Mike Boyle's Strength and Conditioning in Boston, USA.


I've a strong desire to help those in pain or discomfort to move freely again. I also love to help people excel in their sports. I have represented Ireland in Ultimate Frisbee at European and World Championships and continue to keep myself in shape for the next cycle. My other big passion is helping those who need great rehabilitation programmes to get back to their old selves. I had my ACL reconstructed in 2013 and know how a long journey like that can feel! There is no reason to believe you can't be as good or better than before though, especially with the right coach to guide you.



Sports Therapist
083 184 9894