New Year’s resolution

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New Year’s resolutions! Have you made yours? Or is it all pants?

After too much food and drink over the Christmas period we enter January feeling flabby, unfit and full of fear! The 3 F’s send us into meltdown and we swear blind that we will do whatever it takes to make ourselves feel better! This is when our new year’s resolutions are born. Making resolutions at a time when we feel so fragile is probably not the best idea, as we tend to go into over drive and make unrealistic promises to ourselves which will inevitably end in failure making us feel even worse! Here are a few tips to help you with “new year, new me”

  1. If getting fit is on the agenda, then plan out your week and see how much time you have to go to the gym. Telling yourself you’ll go to the gym every single day is unrealistic and unnecessary. If you can manage to go 3 times a week then be sure that those 3 times count and you workout hard and you workout smart. Our trainers will be able to tell you which type of classes will benefit you the most for the goal you’re trying to reach. With 50 classes a week to choose from you’ll certainly be able to achieve that!

  2. After a few too many mince pies most people will definitely want to start eating healthy. The problem is most people think eating healthy means eating chicken and broccoli 5 times a day 7 days a week! This as we know is ridicules and will definitely send you over the edge! Eating healthy just means cutting out all the crap food. Keeping a food diary is a really effective way of monitoring exactly what you are eating and from there it’s a process of elimination, we all know what to do it’s not exactly rocket science. Again if you’re unsure ask one of our trainers for some advice or better yet book in with our highly qualified Nutritionist.

  3. Drinking more water, it may not be on the top of your resolutions list but it should be! Your body will be completely dehydrated from alcohol or just from lack of water. This can lead to all sorts of problems, throw in your new exercise regime and it’s a recipe for disaster. Instead of boring you with the details as to why you should drink water, trust me it’s a must! Start small with a litre a day and work your way up to at least 2.

  4. Getting more sleep. Sounds easy enough, but for many people this is a serious issue. Weather the lack of sleep is because of kids, stress, or bad sleeping habits it can have a seriously negative effect on your health. Not much you can do about the kids. Stress, once you recognise it can be dealt with and allot can be done to ease it, (I’ll tackle this issue at a later date) and sleeping habits can be something you can start with now.

  • stay off your phone once you get into bed

  • have low lighting

  • ensuring that your room is not too hot or not too cold

  • if you wake during the night, don’t look at your phone trust that your alarm will go off when its suppose too.

  • If your mind is constantly racing, meditating can help, head space is great app to try​

  1. Above all else “the new year, new me” should be an enjoyable process. There are no quick fixes. If you fall off track make sure you get back on it as quick as you can. Remember guys summer bodies are made in the winter, so don’t delay and get down to Body Transformations Studio Clongriffin where we will do all we can to make sure those 3 F’s are left in 2016!

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